Signed a Contract for the “Redouble” Project of 14.5 Billion, Focusing on the Three Latest Trends of JinkoSolar

Jinko Energy, a leading company in the solar photovoltaic industry, has spread new trends.

The expansion of production, the progress of patent cases and the technical planning constitute the three latest trends of JinkoSolar.

On the morning of April 14th, JinkoSolar’s multiplication project signing event was held.

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The total investment of Jinko’s “redouble” project is 14.5 billion yuan to build a 10GW high-efficiency solar module, a 10GW diamond wire slice, and a 10GW high-efficiency solar cell production and R & D headquarters. It is planned to start construction one month after signing the contract and complete the construction and trial production before the end of this year. It will reach full production in 2021, and it is estimated that the main business income will reach 36 billion yuan per year after the completion of production.

It is understood that Jinko Solar Energy Co., Ltd. settled in the Shangrao Economic Development Zone in June 2006 and is one of the largest solar photovoltaic product manufacturers in China. In 2019, the total solar module shipments reached 14.3GW, compared with 2018 An increase of 25.6%, which has ranked first in the world for four consecutive years.

After the “redoubled” project reaches production, JinkoSolar’s solar module shipments are expected to account for 20% of the global market share.

With regard to the progress of the patent case with Hanwha, JinkoSolar also received good news.

JinkoSolar announced in Jacksonville, Florida on April 13 that it has made two independent and important developments in the defense of the patent case filed by Hanwha Q Cells.

The administrative judge ruled that JinkoSolar had not infringed Hanwha’s patent, and Judge MaryJoan McNamara had issued a preliminary ruling approving the motion of summary summary of non-infringement submitted by JinkoSolar. The US International Trade Commission will review the ruling and submit a review opinion within 30 days.

Jinko Energy CEO Chen Kangping said, “The rulings made by the two organizations prove our position from the beginning of the case: Hanwha Q Cells’ allegations based on its single patent have no technical and legal basis, and its intention is only to slow our development momentum. JinkoSolar strongly supports fair competition in the market and respects the intellectual property rights of all companies in the industry. We look forward to continuing to serve global customers with our market-leading innovative solar modules and continuing our growth momentum. “

In the technical process, Netcom Jinko Energy has been looking for a path for the 600 watt process and the team has officially entered the blueprint stage of technical planning.

In recent years, the photovoltaic industry has become increasingly subject to Moore’s Law, which has turned the industry’s attention to increasing the size of silicon wafers.

With the adjustment of silicon wafer size, the advancement of solar cell welding technology, the improvement of solar module encapsulation technology, the coordination of inverter, bracket and power station design, the prospect of accelerated power increase is expected, and it may become the largest opportunity in the photovoltaic industry in history.

In this regard, JinkoSolar believes that size should not be synonymous with technology. Customers are not paying for silicon wafer size but for solar module power and efficiency. Rather than betting on the superiority of the size of solar module manufacturers, it is better to change the customer’s power station design and usage habits, continue the existing mature specifications, and achieve power improvement.

As a result, Jinko’s Cheetah used 158 silicon wafers for the first time to cut power from this new perspective. This opened a whole new direction for the industry.

JinkoSolar said that for end customers, what they are more concerned about is not what kind of silicon wafer size, but what kind of solar module power, and what kind of products can bring them the greatest investment value, what kind of Products can have both high power and maturity of integration.

In addition, JinkoSolar is optimistic about the impact of the epidemic on the solar photovoltaic industry.

Li Xiande said that the “crisis” that has not been encountered in a hundred years must hide the “opportunity” that has not been encountered in a hundred years. It is believed that once the epidemic is effectively controlled, photovoltaic will be one of the fastest recovering industries.

“If this epidemic can give us a firm belief, it is that photovoltaic will play a more indispensable role, supporting the next most critical new infrastructure investment in world recovery, especially green, low-carbon power facilities. New construction, thereby driving demand, providing employment and accelerating energy transformation. “Li Xiande said.

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