Custom Solar Panel for Solar Street Light

WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of custom solar panels and solar solution provider in China since 2006. With our in-house R&D team and management team for over 10 years’ experience in solar industry, we are able to design and develop a tailor-made solar panel in a variaty of size, shapes and outputs to meet our client’s specific requirement, and provide solution support start from initial product development stage.

Our Product Catagories:

-Mono/Poly Solar Panels

* Tempered glass or PET laminated
* Power range from 0.1W to 200W
* Adopting latest solar cell technology
(~21% efficiency for mono, ~19% efficiency for poly)

– Small Sunpower Solar Panels

* ETFE or PET laminated
* The most high efficiency Sunpower solar cell
(~ 23% efficiency)

– Amorphous Silicon Solar Panel

* for both indoor & outdoor use