Custom Solar Panel Construction

The construction of custom solar panels varies slightly depending on the lamination method and the materials used. The following is a brief introduction to the construction of tempered glass solar panels and ETFE solar panels.

1. Solar Panel Construction of Tempered Glass Solar Panels
Tempered Glass / EVA / Solar Cell / EVA / Backsheet

2. Solar Panel Construction of ETFE Solar Panels
ETFE film / EVA / Solar Cell / PCB

Tempered glass:
The role of tempered glass is to protect the solar cells, the selected photovoltaic glass must have high light transmittance (generally more than 91%), and requires ultra-white tempering treatment. The thickness of photovoltaic glass is either 3.2mm or 2.0mm. The most commonly used is the 3.2mm thick glass.

EVA is an important encapsulant material, which is used to bond tempered glass and solar cells. It is usually cut into a thin sheet that can be inserted at the front and rear of the solar cells. The quality of transparent EVA material directly affects the lifespan of the solar panel. Should EVA be exposed to the air, it will easily age and turn yellow, thus affecting the light transmittance of the solar panel, and power generation quality.
The thickness of EVA ranges from 3mm to 4.5mm; among them, 4mm and 4.5mm are used the most.

Solar Cell:
Solar cells convert sunlight into electricity via the photovoltaic effect. They are the core parts of solar panels. Generally speaking, the power of a solar panel is proportional to the area of the solar cell.

The function of the backsheet is to seal, insulate and waterproof. Therefore, the selected backsheet materials such as TPT and TPE must be resistant to aging.
The backsheet is available in white and black. The white backsheet is commonly used, but some clients choose to use the black backsheet in order to maintain the color consistency with the application product and to be aesthetically pleasing. 

ETFE Film:
ETFE film is a film used to protect solar cells inside solar panels. Its thickness is usually less than 0.2mm, making it thin and light. In addition, it has the characteristics of resistance to temperature changes, high light transmittance of up to 95%, high self-cleaning, corrosion resistance, and long service life.

IBC Solar Cell
ETFE solar panels adopt IBC solar cells (interdigitated back contact) with efficiency up to 24%, to achieve a higher power output in a limited area. Traditional solar cells achieve energy conversion by having front contacts in the cell, while IBC solar cells have the contacts on the rear side, instead of placing them in the front of the cell. This allows them to achieve higher efficiency due to reduced shading on the front of the cell, and also increases the aesthetics since no contacts are visible on the front. IBC solar cell technology also improves the temperature coefficient, which means an IBC solar panel can deliver a better performance in hot climate installations. It also has excellent performance under low light conditions.

WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of custom solar panels, solar mini panels, IoT solar panels and solar solution provider in China since 2006.

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High Quality Custom Solar Panel Manufacturer – WSL Solar

Quality is of paramount importance to us. To deliver outstanding quality solar panels while meeting highly customized demands for solar applications is the most import thing to us. From the selection of raw materials, through the process of manufacturing, to packaging and transportation; quality control is strictly implemented.

At WSL Solar facility, in-process inspection is an overall effort performed at each stage of solar panel manufacturing. We will conduct 100% visual inspection and performance tests of all custom solar panels before packaging and shipping.

custom solar panel - WSL Solar

customized solar panel - WSL Solar

custom shape solar panel - WSL Solar

custom size solar panel - WSL Solar

5V Solar Panel

WSL Solar’s 5V solar panel is built with the latest most efficient crystalline silicon solar cells or super high efficiency Sunpower solar cells. These 5v solar panels are great for charging your 3.2V DC batteries and ideal for use in off grid applications such as GPS tracking, educational kits, small electronic devices, LED lighting etc.

5V Solar Panel

– With cutting-edge high efficiency solar cells
– Positive power tolerance
– Withstanding challenging environmental conditions
– Waterproof, scratch resistant & UV resistant
– Excellent performance under low light environments


Item No.DimensionPmaxVmpImpCell TypeEncapsulation
WSL-C001D=109×4.5mm1W5V200mAMono Solar CellTempered glass
WSL-C003100x50x4.5mm0.5W5V100mAMono Solar CellTempered glass
WSL-C004100x80x2.2mm1W5V200mAPoly Solar CellPET Film
WSL-C006176x86x4.5mm2.5W5V500mAMono Solar CellTempered glass
WSL-C01478x150x4.5mm1.6W5V320mAMono Solar CellTempered glass
WSL-S002D=43×1.8mm0.2W5V40mASunpower Solar CellPET Film
WSL-S00595x69x2mm1W5V200mASunpower Solar CellPET Film
WSL-S00780x80x2mm1W5.5V181mASunpower Solar CellETFE Film
WSL-S00965x65x2mm0.6W5V120mASunpower Solar CellETFE Film
WSL-S010120x70x2mm1.6W5.5V290mASunpower Solar CellETFE Film
WSL-S01230x50x2mm0.2W5.5V38mASunpower Solar CellPET Film
WSL-XC001120x120x4.5mm1.5W5V300mAMono Solar CellTempered glass
WSL-XC002220*190×4.5mm5W5V1AMono Solar CellTempered glass
WSL-XC003216*132*4.5mm3W5V600mAPoly Solar CellTempered glass
WSL-XC004240*160*4.5mm4W5V800mAMono Solar CellTempered glass
5V Solar Panel

Click here to watch the video of this type of custom solar panels. View More Custom Solar Panels 5V Solar Panels   |  6V Solar Panels   |  9V Solar Panels

WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of custom solar panels and solar solution provider in China since 2006. 

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How to Choose a Small Solar Panel That is More Suitable for Your System?

Stand-alone solar panels are widely used in various industries such as remote telemetry, security, monitoring, fence charger, gate opener, intelligent traffic, senor, IoT and aviation obstruction lights, especially with the improvement of solar cell conversion efficiency and the decrease in the cost per W of the solar panel will inevitably further expand the application range of custom shaped solar panels. How should we choose the solar panel suitable for our system?

small solar panels

Small Solar Panels

1. If the product needs to be placed in harsh environments on the sea, desert, wetland, etc. for a long time, we recommend using glass solar panels. Because glass has the advantages of high light transmittance, hard texture and stable physical and chemical properties, it can well protect solar cells from being oxidized and crushed. However, the disadvantage of glass solar panels is that the unit weight is heavier than other types of solar panels of the same power and the glass is fragile. It is not suitable for products that need to be carried and transported for a long time, but is suitable for stationary systems. At the same time, we recommend that the solar panels be sealed with glue or silica gel, so that the life of the solar panels can be greatly extended.

2. If solar panels are used in consumer electronics, such as outdoor camping, solar chargers, GPS trackers, etc., we recommend using non-glass laminated solar panels, such as rigid solar panel, semi-flexible solar and fully flexible solar panels and foldable solar panels. Currently popular packaging materials are PET film and ETFE film. PET film is made of plastic. If this material is placed outdoors for a long time, its surface will become brittle and atomized. If a layer of coating is added to the PET surface, this coating will fall off after about 0.5 years, making the surface of the solar panel very unsightly and greatly reducing the power output of the solar panel. If the surface of the solar panel is ETFE film, its lifespan will be longer. We generally think that its lifespan may last 3-5 years. However, such non-glass-encapsulated solar panels must avoid impact on the surface and squeeze around them to avoid damage to the solar cells inside and affect the power output of the solar panels.

Sort by low-light performance of solar panels:
Thin-film Solar Panel> Mono PERC solar panels> Traditional Monocrystalline Solar Panels> Polycrystalline Solar Panel.
So solar panels are used in indoor environments, we recommend thin film solar panels. If it is used outdoors, but the light is not very good, you can consider PERC Mono solar panels and traditional mono solar panels. If it is used in a well-lit outdoor environment, you can choose PERC mono, traditional mono and poly solar panels.

Sort by solar panel conversion efficiency:
Mono PERC solar panels> Traditional Monocrystalline Solar Panels> Polycrystalline Solar Panel> Thin-film Solar Panel.
At present, the highest conversion efficiency and large-scale commercial use are Mono PERC solar panels, and the lowest efficiency is thin-film solar panels.
If it is used for indoor wireless sensors, calculators, etc., you can choose thin-film solar panels. If it is used for outdoor GPS TRACKER, IOT, traffic lighting, etc., you can use PERC or traditional monocrystalline solar panels. If it is used for signal tower, small off-grid power station, you can choose Mono PERC solar panels or polycrystalline solar panels.

With the further improvement of technology, when thin film solar panels, traditional monocrystalline solar panels and polycrystalline solar panels encounter bottlenecks, Mono PERC solar panels will become the choice of most people. As a manufacturer of small solar panels, WSL Solar will provide customers with very constructive suggestions during the product development phase to avoid saving development time and money.

Posted by Carrie Wong | WSL Solar Co., Ltd.
WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of custom shaped solar panels and solar solution provider in China since 2006.

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