Custom Solar Panel | 6V 2W

WSL Solar’s 6V 2W solar panel is built with the latest most efficient polycrystalline solar cell. It is laminated by tempered glass, which is durable and robust.

This custom solar panel is great for charging your 3.7-volt DC batteries and ideal for use in off grid applications such as solar lanterns, wireless sensors, wall lights, edge marking light etc.


– With cutting-edge high efficiency poly solar cell

– Positive power tolerance

– Tempered glass laminated, high transmission, durable & robust

– Withstanding challenging environmental conditions

– Waterproof, scratch resistant & UV resistant

Solar panel size: 125x135x4.5mm

WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of customized solar panels and solar solution provider in China since 2006.

What is AIoT?

AIoT (Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things) = AI (Artificial Intelligence) + IoT (Internet of Things). AIoT integrates AI technology and IoT technology. Through the Internet of Things, massive amounts of data are generated and collected in the cloud and at the edge, and then big data analysis and higher forms of artificial intelligence are used to realize dataization and intelligentization of everything. The Internet of Things technology and artificial intelligence are pursuing an intelligent ecosystem. In addition to the need for continuous innovation in technology, the implementation and application of technology are the core issues in the field of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence that need to be broken at this stage.

Concept of AIoT

From a broad definition, AIoT is the integration of artificial intelligence technology and the Internet of Things in practical applications. It is not a new technology, but a new form of IoT application, which distinguishes it from traditional IoT applications. If the Internet of Things is to interconnect all ordinary objects that can perform independent functions and connect everything with the network, then AIoT will give it more intelligent features based on this, so that everything in the true sense can be interconnected.

On October 16, 2017, Legrand and Nanjing IoT jointly held the Internet of Things and Smart Home Global Summit Forum in Nanjing with the theme “AIoT, Meet a New Future”. The event attracted experts from the fields of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, the Internet, and home appliances to discuss in depth the application and impact of related technologies such as AIoT. For the first time, the industry pushed the concept of AIoT to the masses.

On November 28, 2017, at the “Smart Future of All Things · AIoT Future Summit” co-sponsored by Guangji Capital, 36 氪, and Tsinglian, experts and industry guests believed that with the continuous expansion of the Internet of Things application scenarios, the industry The space is gradually expanding, and AI enters the second half of development. When combined with IoT, it will open an important channel for artificial intelligence to really land.

On the same day, at the first Xiaomi IoT Developers Conference, Xiaomi announced that it had reached an in-depth cooperation with Baidu and would cooperate in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). The era of the Internet of Everything and artificial intelligence has arrived, and artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things will form a perfect complementarity and combination. Artificial intelligence will become a new breakthrough point for the further sustainable development of the Internet of Things. It will allow the Internet of Things to enter a new era. .

WSL Solar’s 6V Solar Panel for AIoT

Application Range of AIoT

Whether it is AI or the Internet of Things, one key is indispensable: data.

Data is the foundation of Internet of Everything and human-computer interaction. The involvement of AI gives the IoT a “brain”. Similarly, thanks to the development of current storage technology, data has a basic “logistical guarantee”. The rapid expansion of cloud services has given data a material basis for value.

After the “integration” of AI and IoT, “artificial intelligence” has gradually developed to “application intelligence”. Deep learning requires the sensor collection of the Internet of Things, and the system of the Internet of Things also needs artificial intelligence to correctly identify, find anomalies, and predict the future. From this, it can be seen that artificial intelligence combined with the Internet of Things (AIoT) is the next major development. And this development affects all walks of life, and even subverts the industry. In other words, AIoT services will appear in large numbers next to us.

In the list of the first batch of national new generation artificial intelligence open innovation platforms, relying on Baidu ’s “autonomous driving” national new generation artificial intelligence open innovation platform, relying on Alibaba Cloud ’s “urban brain” national new generation artificial intelligence open innovation platform, relying on Tencent The new generation of artificial intelligence open innovation platform of “Medical Imaging” national construction, and the new generation of artificial intelligence open innovation platform of “Smart Voice” national construction relying on HKUST.

Editor: Carrie Wong / WSL Solar

WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of custom solar panels and solar solution provider in China since 2006.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Epoxy Solar Panel

Epoxy Solar Panel is a kind of solar panel, but the encapsulation method is different. The solar cell is cut into small pieces by using a laser cutter to make the required voltage and current, and then encapsulated. Due to the small size, the encapsulation method such as glass laminated or PET laminated solar panel is generally not used, but the solar cell sheet is covered with epoxy resin and bonded with the PCB circuit board.

6V Solar Panel (Epoxy) for Solar Lighting

Application notes

The size of the solar panel can be customized according to the size required by the customer. The working voltage and working current can be customized. Generally, the epoxy solar panel is used to charge the battery of solar charger, solar light, toy and other small solar application electronic products. The working current is measured in the simulated standard light intensity. The standard test conditions are 1000 W/M 2, 25 ° C, and AM 1.5 conditions. The voltage and current emitted will change with the light intensity of the day. In sunny days, the power generated by the solar panel can be calculated in 4 hours.

Product Usage

Epoxy solar panel is an accessory for solar products. It can charge battery or directly connect load. It can be used in solar lawn light, solar floor lamp, solar garden lamp, solar charger, solar street sign, solar road stud, solar traffic sign, solar flashlights, solar toys and other small electrical products. Medium or large-size solar panels are generally encapsulated in a laminate way. Only solar panels with too small size and a power of only a few watts will be made into epoxy solar panels. Because laminated solar panels have a longer life than epoxy solar panel.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Epoxy Solar Panel

The epoxy solar panel has the characteristics of high production speed, pressure and corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and low cost.

However, its disadvantage is that the lifespan of the epoxy solar panel is shorter than that of laminated solar panels, and usually the lifespan is only about one year. If it is often exposed to the outdoors, the surface of the epoxy solar panel will become whitish and yellow, which affects the appearance. Therefore, if you want a long-life solar panel, you better choose glass laminated solar panels, ETFE or PET laminated solar panels. 

Editor: Carrie Wong / WSL Solar

WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of custom solar panels and solar solution provider in China since 2006.