What is an Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell?

Amorphous solar cell (or indoor solar cell) can harvest energy and generate electricity from environment light like sunlight or indoor light. It has good performance during weak light condition. This kind of solar cell can be used to power low-consumption electronic devices, such as wireless sensors, IoT devices, ETC devices, calculators etc.

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What is an Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell | WSL Solar

Amorphous silicon solar cells (a-Si solar cell) are devices that convert light energy into electrical energy through photoelectric or photochemical effects.

Amorphous silicon cells are solar cells made of amorphous silicon thin films deposited on conductive glass substrates. This kind of solar cell features with low cost and good performance at weak light condition, it has been widely used in micro-low-power power supplies for indoor use, such as watch batteries, calculator batteries and self-powered wireless sensor etc .

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