What is the Difference Between Solar Photovoltaic Glass and Float Glass?

Photovoltaic glass is a special type of glass that converts sunlight into electricity by encapsulating solar cell modules in layers of glass. Usually low-iron tempered glass or double-layer glass is used, and the surface is coated with anti-reflection coating and transparent conductive layer.

Float glass is a common glass manufacturing process. In the production process, glass raw materials (such as silica sand, sodium carbonate, limestone, etc.) are melted, flowed out evenly from the top of the glass melting bath, and solidified into thin flake glass after cooling. This technique produces high-quality, uniform-thickness glass for a wide variety of applications.

The difference between photovoltaic glass and float glass is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Different uses: Photovoltaic glass is mainly used in the manufacture of solar panels, while float glass is widely used in construction, automobiles and other fields;

Different materials: Photovoltaic glass usually uses special materials such as low-iron tempered glass or double-layer glass, while float glass is produced by using ordinary glass raw materials through special processes;

The manufacturing method is different: photovoltaic glass needs to be coated with anti-reflection coating and transparent conductive layer on the surface, and the solar cell module is encapsulated in it. Float glass, on the other hand, is made from thin sheets of glass by melting the raw material.

Different performance requirements: Photovoltaic glass needs to have certain special properties such as transmittance, reflectivity and wind pressure resistance, while float glass mainly requires uniform thickness, high strength and light transmission performance.

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