The price of silicon material has exceeded 200RMB/kg, cannot stop at all!

According to the latest silicon material transaction price of the Silicon Industry Branch, the domestic silicon material price continues to rise and cannot stop at all!

Among them, the domestic single crystal compound feed price range is 200-205 RMB/kg, and the average transaction price is 202.7 RMB/kg, officially breaking the 200 RMB/kg mark!

Data shows that at the beginning of the year, the average domestic transaction price of single crystal double-investment materials was 87.6 RMB/kg, which is already high compared to 2020. Mainly due to the overhaul and natural disasters suffered by some silicon companies last year, and the production capacity has declined.

However, under the guidance of the large-scale rush for installation at the end of the year and the goal of carbon neutrality, downstream companies have expanded their production capacity to meet market demand, but have neglected the silicon material production capacity.

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On the one hand, the price of silicon material has not been high in the past few years, and the life of the company is also tight. Except for Tongwei, other companies have almost no plans for large-scale expansion; on the other hand, the construction period of silicon material production capacity is longer. Even if it expands production synchronously with downstream companies, the start-up date will lag a lot. Together, it exacerbated the shortage of silicon materials.

On the whole, this year’s silicon material price increase is actually another interpretation of the price increase of photovoltaic glass in 2020. However, compared with photovoltaic glass, the price increase of silicon materials this time is more serious in terms of scope and depth.

At present, TBEA, Dongfang Hope and other companies are actively expanding production. The latter’s expansion project has an annual production capacity of even as high as 250,000 tons. After it is put into production, it will definitely alleviate the predicament of this silicon material price increase. However, as mentioned above, the construction cycle of silicon material production capacity is longer, and if the price of silicon material is to return to the era of double digits per kilogram, I am afraid that it will have to wait until 2022 at the earliest.

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