Furniture Giant IKEA Will Directly Retail Solar Panels

Recently, Swedish multinational home furnish IKEA was interviewed by interviewers about the PV business model of flat furniture retailers, and said that it will be the first trial operation of “Solstrale” Solar panels in the Swedish market this summer, by 2025. Plans to provide solar panels in his worldwide stores.

According to IKEA, this idea is borrowed from the experience of selling solar panels in Germany. “With the rapid development of the solar industry in recent years, especially the more simplified regulations and better returns, it is a very good choice to invest in solar panels in Sweden today.” Jonas Carlehed, Swedish Sustainable Development Manager, IKEA Group Say.

In the past two years, the Swedish government has also made many efforts in the solar industry, such as improving the regulation of solar energy and increasing the budget for rooftop PV.

IKEA said the company is negotiating with potential suppliers and partners on the quotation and sales suppliers of Swedish Solstrale photovoltaic panels. The right partners will help IKEA avoid problems similar to those encountered in Germany.

According to IKEA, the company plans to expand Solstrale’s sales to all markets worldwide by 2025. “We want to help our customers produce their own renewable energy at home, which is good for the climate, the environment, and the wallet.”

In fact, IKEA furniture’s innovative move in the field of solar energy has led the wave of rooftop PV retail. As early as the first two years, IKEA has proposed a plan to sell solar roof systems in its official website and physical stores, and to land in several countries such as Europe. At present, due to certain factors such as ideological concepts and living environment, this practice has not yet been carried out in other countries outside Europe.

This time, IKEA will split the solar panels in the rooftop photovoltaic system, which will attract more customers to turn their attention to solar furniture. On the other hand, it will leave customers with more DIY space on their roof. But selling only the battery board also means that the electrical requirements of the customer are more demanding, assembly and installation is a problem, and testing and maintenance will become another big problem in the later period. Has IKEA conducted market research before this? How is the customer’s acceptance? Do not ask whether it is profitable (a company with a strong sense of clean energy, often very capricious), can this model work normally?

Building a platform for retail components is not a pioneering move in China. In 2017, Yingli opened the first “photovoltaic supermarket”, specializing in the necessary components of photovoltaic modules, inverters, brackets and other photovoltaic systems, and the four areas of knowledge, product display, business negotiation and customer experience in the supermarket. Also made a preliminary preparation for retail. However, most of the supermarket’s customers are local dealers. They often intuitively feel the difference between the components and carry out the “shopping around” and choose the preferred purchase. Yingli “photovoltaic supermarket” industry has heard about it, but it is basically insulated from the outside world. Compared with the platform for the public, it is relatively occluded.

IKEA is different. It is an internationally renowned Fortune 500 company, referring to an industry giant that modern comfort furniture can’t get around. In any case, IKEA does photovoltaic, which is not only the trend of future development, but also the leader of the new home era. IKEA has set up a template for home decoration around the world. After three or five years of market education, people will install photovoltaic panels on the roof. Not only is it no longer strange, but it will also set off a wave of competing installation.


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