5 Volt 1 Watt Solar Panel

– WSL Solar’s 5V 1W solar panel adopts  the latest PERC monocrystalline solar cell,  >21% efficiency.
– Dimension 90x90x4.5mm
– Laminated by tempered glass, durable & robust
– Ideal for use in solar powered LED lighting, IoT solar,
solar traffic sign and small solar powered systems etc.

WSL Solar’s 5 volt 1 watt solar panel is built with the latest PERC monocrystalline solar cell. It is laminated by tempered glass, which is durable and robust. This custom solar panel is ideal for use in off grid applications such as solar powered LED lighting, IoT solar, solar traffic sign, small solar powered system etc.
– With latest high efficiency PERC monocrystalline solar cell
– Positive power tolerance
– Tempered glass laminated, high transmission, durable & robust
– Withstanding challenging environmental conditions
– Waterproof, scratch resistant & UV resistant
– Excellent performance under low light environments


Item No.WSL-C024
Peak Power (Pmax)1W
Voltage at Pmax (Vmp)5V
Current at Pmax (Imp)200mA
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)6V
Short Circuit Current (Isc)220mA
Cell TypePERC Monocrystalline Solar Cell
Power Tolerance±5%
Encapsulation method3.2mm Tempered glass
Back sheetTPT
Product Warranty5 Years
Lead time25 Days
Storage temperature-20°C ~ 65°C
Working temperature-40°C ~ 85°C
Standard Test Conditions (STC)1000W/m2, 1.5AM, 25°C Cell temperature

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WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of custom solar panels and solar solution provider in China since 2006. 

Poland’s Solar Photovoltaic Market Explodes, and Traditional Coal Industry is Under Threat

Recently, the unions of PGG, Poland ’s largest coal group, warned that if the government does not provide help, the coal industry will collapse due to falling demand. Poland relies heavily on coal-fired power generation and is the only EU member state that has not committed to zero carbon emissions by 2050. But in the face of increasing pressure from the EU to reduce emissions, Poland began to encourage investment in solar and offshore wind farms. The increase in the share of clean energy in power generation, the decline in power demand after the epidemic is closed to the city, and coal imports have exacerbated problems in the coal industry.

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The Polish government previously stated that the installed capacity of solar photovoltaics will reach 10.2GW in 2030 and 20.2GW in 2040. The Polish government also supports industrial and commercial and large-scale power plant projects through the renewable energy auction system. The new government regulations allow owners of solar photovoltaic systems of more than 50 kW to sell excess power. Growth in the industrial and commercial field will be particularly strong. At the same time, the promotion of rooftop solar photovoltaic incentives and corporate net measurement policies has stimulated the potential of the solar photovoltaic market. In 2019, solar power generation in Poland has risen sharply.

On the other hand, due to the increase in the price of carbon dioxide certificates, the impact of the increase in the price of European carbon dioxide emission quotas will seriously affect Poland ’s electricity prices, and coal is the most intensive energy source for carbon dioxide. Great power to promote the development of clean energy in Poland.

According to SolarPower Europe data, in 2019 Poland ranked fifth in the number of new photovoltaic installations among European countries, and it is only 300MW less than the fourth place in France. It is also unknown that it exceeds France. In early 2020, Bloomberg predicted that Poland will be one of the top ten global solar photovoltaic markets this year.

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WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of custom solar panel and solar solution provider in China since 2006.


Tongwei’s 6 Billion Yuan to Expand 210 Technology Routes, Net Profit Increased by 30% Last Year

Recently, Tongwei released a fixed increase announcement and performance report.

On the evening of April 20th, Tongwei issued a fixed increase plan, with a planned funding of no more than 6 billion yuan, for projects with an annual output of 7.5GW high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cell smart factory (Meishan Phase II) and other projects.

Tongwei ’s additional funds raised this time are mainly used to invest in the Meishan Phase II and Jintang Phase I annual production of 7.5GW high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cell smart projects. The proposed investment funds are 2 billion yuan and 2.2 billion yuan respectively; It is intended to be used to supplement working capital.

The above two major projects are planned to be implemented by Tongwei Solar (Meishan) Co., Ltd. and a newly established subsidiary respectively. The project adopts 210 large-size PERC solar cell technology routes. Upon completion, it will form an annual production capacity of 7.5GW of high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells . According to estimates, the construction period of the project is 1 year, and the production capacity will reach 90% in the first year of production, and 100% in subsequent years.

The implementation of this fundraising project will further expand the company’s solar cell production capacity, enhance and consolidate the company’s leading position in the global solar cell field.

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Since this year, Tongwei has announced its capacity expansion plan several times, with a total planned investment of 30 billion yuan.

In February, Tongwei threw out the largest single investment in history, planning to build an annual output of 30GW high-efficiency solar cells and supporting projects in Chengdu Jintang at 20 billion yuan. In March, the company announced that it plans to invest in a 40,000-ton high-purity crystalline silicon project in Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, with a total investment of 4 billion yuan.

Tongwei takes agriculture and solar photovoltaic as its main business, and has formed a business model of “agriculture (fishery) + photovoltaic” resource integration and coordinated development. As of the end of 2019, Tongwei has formed a high-purity crystalline silicon production capacity of 80,000 tons, of which monocrystalline materials account for about 90%; solar cell production capacity is 20GW, of which high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells are 17GW.

According to the development plan previously released by the company, by 2023, the cumulative production capacity of high-purity crystalline silicon will reach 220,000 to 290,000 tons, and the cumulative production capacity of solar cells will reach 80 to 100GW.

In 2019, Tongwei achieved net profit growth.

Tongwei disclosed its annual report on the evening of the 20th. In 2019, it achieved operating income of 37.555 billion yuan, an increase of 36.39% year-on-year; net profit of 2.635 billion yuan, an increase of 30.51% year-on-year.

The overall photovoltaic business revenue was 17.8 billion yuan, an increase of 74.52% year-on-year. Among them, the operating income of solar cells and solar modules reached 12.27 billion yuan, an increase of 60.56 year-on-year; the gross profit margin was 20.21%, an increase of 1.52% year-on-year; the operating income of high-purity crystalline silicon and chemicals was 5.17 billion yuan An increase of 56.11% year-on-year.

In terms of high-purity crystalline silicon: Tongwei has formed a high-purity crystalline silicon production capacity of 80,000 tons and an ongoing capacity of 75,000 tons. With single crystal materials accounting for about 90%, various consumption indicators and costs continue to decrease. The total production cost of the first-phase project and the first-phase project of Baotou is 60,000 tons and the production cost is less than 40,000 yuan / ton.

For solar cells: The current solar cell production capacity is 20GW, of which the high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cell is 17GW, ranking first in the world.

However, Tongwei’s first quarter results released at the same time are not optimistic. In the first quarter, Tongwei’s net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 344 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 29.79%.

Tongwei’s net profit fell in the first quarter. According to analysis, there may be two reasons:

First, Tongwei’s business is not only photovoltaics, but agriculture and solar photovoltaics as the main business, “agriculture (fishery) + solar photovoltaic” resource integration, collaborative development business model, although the photovoltaic industry in the first quarter The impact is limited, but the negative factors of agricultural fisheries will also have a certain impact on its profitability.

Second, in Tongwei’s business, overseas orders account for a relatively small amount. According to the annual report, the operating income of overseas regions only accounts for 5.42% of the total operating income. In contrast, in the first quarter of the domestic epidemic, when overseas epidemics had not yet fully erupted, Tongwei, which had a large domestic sales volume, was severely damaged.

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WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of custom solar panel and solar solution provider in China since 2006.


How to Make a Custom Solar Panel?

Solar panel is a device that converts solar energy into electrical energy, and solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy.

Now more and more custom solar panels are being applied to off-grid solar applications, such as solar chargers, solar attic fans, solar traffic sign, solar LED lighting, solar IoT etc.

While do you know how to make a custom solar panel? Welcome to watch this video, it could be helpful for you.

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WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of custom solar panel and solar solution provider in China since 2006.