Custom Solar Panel for Solar Street Light

WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of custom solar panels and solar solution provider in China since 2006. With our in-house R&D team and management team for over 10 years’ experience in solar industry, we are able to design and develop a tailor-made solar panel in a variaty of size, shapes and outputs to meet our client’s specific requirement, and provide solution support start from initial product development stage.

Our Product Catagories:

-Mono/Poly Solar Panels

* Tempered glass or PET laminated
* Power range from 0.1W to 200W
* Adopting latest solar cell technology
(~21% efficiency for mono, ~19% efficiency for poly)

– Small Sunpower Solar Panels

* ETFE or PET laminated
* The most high efficiency Sunpower solar cell
(~ 23% efficiency)

– Amorphous Silicon Solar Panel

* for both indoor & outdoor use

WSL Solar – Quality and Professional Manufacturer of Custom Solar Panels

WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of custom solar panels and solar solution provider in China since 2006. With our in-house R&D team and management team for over 10 years’ experience in solar industry, we are able to design and develop a tailor-made solar panel in a variaty of size, shapes and outputs to meet our client’s specific requirement, and provide solution support start from initial product development stage.

Quality Customized Solar Panel with High Efficiency Back Contact Solar Cell (>21% Efficiency) – WSL Solar.

As a custom solar panel manufacturer, we always keep us updated on the latest solar cell technology, aim to work out the optimized solar panel design and find the right solution to support our customer during their initial product development stage.

Quality Customized Solar Panel Manufacturer – WSL Solar

Good business relationship based on sincere cooperation and mutual benefits.

Thanks to all our customers for their great support. We will continue to control the quality and provide high efficient and quality custom solar panels, which is the best way for us to give back to customers.

Quality Customized Solar Panel from WSL Solar.

Quality is always the first thing for us. We stick to strict quality control, from raw material sourcing, manufacturing process to finished product testing, we pay attention to details in each step, to deliver our clients the right solar panel for their solar application.

Custom Solar Panel – WSL Solar

Who Is More Likely to Share the Big Cake of BIPV?

Recently, it has been reported that the new BIPV products that Longi New Energy is about to release will be officially launched on the market in the second half of this year after more than a year of research and development and preparation.

It is understood that in order to effectively solve the shortcomings of the short service life of the existing industrial and commercial buildings, the weak waterproof and wind resistance, and the long-term idle roof, etc., Longji BIPV new products will comprehensively improve the performance and service life of BIPV products such as thermal insulation, windproof and waterproof, fire and lightning protection, impact resistance, light weight, etc., while achieving the perfect combination of efficient power generation and reliable building materials.

Quality Custom Solar Panel from WSL Solar

Longji announced in 2019 to enter the BIPV market, and will launch its own industrial and commercial BIPV roof products in mid-2020, and plan to achieve BIPV revenue volume of 10 billion yuan by 2024.

It is understood that as of now, Longji IPV production line equipment has been installed and commissioned, and will soon enter the mass production stage. The official product name and time to market of the new Longi BIPV products have also been finalized and will be officially announced in the second half of this year.

Tesla in the North American market has a soft spot

In fact, after years of development in BIPV, the industry has moved from concept to implementation.

More and more companies realize that the integration of solar photovoltaic modules and building materials is a double benefit for the solar photovoltaic industry and the construction industry, and in the process has set off a new revolution in green development.

In terms of application form, BIPV is a new hotspot of distributed photovoltaics. Compared with BAPV with a single application scenario, BIPV can be applied to roofs, curtain walls, sunshades, greenhouses, etc.

Based on this, BIPV can be applied to a series of scenarios such as photovoltaic tile surface, daylighting roof, external window shading, awning and so on.

Overseas, there has also been new progress in BIPV’s R&D and business development. Judging from the trends of foreign companies, Tesla can be described as having a soft spot for the BIPV business.

Tesla’s solar rooftop business can be traced back to 2008 at the earliest. After continuous innovation of technology, in October 2019, Tesla launched the third generation BIPV residential roof system Solar Roof V3, with a cost of about $34,000 per set. According to the California average electricity price, Tesla’s solar roof V3 standard project The payback period is 11 years.

The third generation of Solar Roof mass-produced photovoltaic roof products for the first time. This product embeds photovoltaic cells in tempered glass to realize the integration of photovoltaic buildings.

In March 2020, according to the company’s latest developments, Tesla is looking for “commercial and residential user side” business development managers, project development engineering managers and other relevant personnel. The monthly salary for the business development manager is 30,000 to 40,000 yuan. That is, the annual salary can be up to 480,000 yuan. It is enough to see Tesla’s determination to revive the solar rooftop photovoltaic business.

Recently, Tesla China has newly added three recruitment information for the solar roof business. Combined with the previous two recruitment information in March, it is not difficult to find that Tesla’s BIPV business has officially opened in the Chinese market.

Relevant agencies pointed out that this year, affected by the epidemic situation at home and abroad, the price of the industrial chain has fallen sharply, and the cost side continues to fall sharply. It is expected that the scale of the bidding index this year is expected to exceed expectations, while the consumption expansion will also facilitate the promotion of parity projects. According to estimates, the annual installation of Tesla photovoltaic roofs in the North American market is expected to reach 5-10GW per year.

Domestic photovoltaic companies “distribute huge cakes”

BIPV has amazing market development potential, with a potential market space of hundreds of billions. This provides BIPV with sufficient business bearing and development space.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics data and the China Academy of Building Research estimates, China’s existing building area is about 80 billion square meters, solar photovoltaic cells can be installed nearly 3 billion square meters, and the installed capacity is about 400GW; at the same time, China’s new construction area is about 40 100 million square meters, about 300 million square meters of solar cells can be installed, and the installed capacity is not small.

This huge cake has made many domestic photovoltaic companies “coveted”.

Since the “531 policy”, whether for active or passive reasons, in order to further reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation, Chinese photovoltaic companies are getting rid of the risk of a single market and actively deploying the rooftop photovoltaic market.

In the domestic market, in addition to Longji shares, CITIC Bo, Dongfang Risheng, Jinko are also early BIPV companies.

As one of the earliest domestic enterprises engaged in photovoltaic power generation business, Dongfang Risheng is also actively deploying BIPV. At the beginning of 2020, Dongfang Risheng said that the company has reserved and applied BIPV-related technologies.

It is understood that Dongfang Risheng Changzhou’s 2.05MW BIPV project has passed the grid acceptance on August 28, 2019 and started generating electricity. It is estimated that the average annual power generation is about 2 million kWh, and the internal rate of return on investment is 14.8%.

CITIC Bo predicts that in the future, more owners will adopt BIPV integrated solutions. While enjoying the green benefits of solar power generation, they will also save the capital cost and time of roof repairs.

JinkoSolar provides predictions of the legislative requirements for photovoltaic buildings. Jinko Electric stated that by 2025, more and more countries and regions will adopt local regulations to modify or add new building standards for local application of solar energy systems. It is required that within a certain height, new residential buildings above a certain area must be installed with photovoltaic systems; all suitable industrial and commercial roofs of the park must be installed with photovoltaics, which will also be incorporated into local park management regulations.

The new BIPV products to be released by the above Longji New Energy will comprehensively apply leading technologies such as double-glass half-sheet high-efficiency single crystal, 360-degree upright locking, seamless splicing, etc. At the same time of performance and service life, it realizes the integration of efficient power generation and reliable building materials.

When visiting the production line of Longji Stock, Three Gorges Capital said: “Longji has launched a landmark BIPV product, hoping to continue to lead the new direction and trend of the development of the photovoltaic industry. BIPV, as the future development direction of green buildings, deeply integrates building materials and photovoltaic energy The functions and characteristics of the company will continue to promote the diversified development of clean energy.”

According to the Longji BIPV building photovoltaic integrated solution, the project investment recovery period is only 7-8 years, and the IRR (internal rate of return) reaches 11%.

The good news is that, according to the policy of the National Energy Administration, the wind power consumption space is 37GW, and the photovoltaic power consumption space is 48GW, which greatly exceeds the market’s expected consumption indicators of 30GW for wind power and 40GW for photovoltaic. At present, all provinces have started the declaration work for photovoltaic parity and bidding projects in 2020, and they will land before the end of June. The expansion of the consumption index will undoubtedly give the applicants confidence.

Regarding the future prospects of BIPV, industry insiders believe that BIPV is a key technical factor to solve the demand for near-zero energy consumption of building electricity. With the rapid reduction of the cost of the photovoltaic industry chain in recent years, the photovoltaic industry has moved from photovoltaic power plants to BIPV. Relying on the era of no subsidies, the rise of spontaneous market demand will open up a broad space for the development of BIPV.

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WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of custom solar panel and solar solution provider in China since 2006.

5 Volt 1 Watt Solar Panel

– WSL Solar’s 5V 1W solar panel adopts  the latest PERC monocrystalline solar cell,  >21% efficiency.
– Dimension 90x90x4.5mm
– Laminated by tempered glass, durable & robust
– Ideal for use in solar powered LED lighting, IoT solar,
solar traffic sign and small solar powered systems etc.

WSL Solar’s 5 volt 1 watt solar panel is built with the latest PERC monocrystalline solar cell. It is laminated by tempered glass, which is durable and robust. This custom solar panel is ideal for use in off grid applications such as solar powered LED lighting, IoT solar, solar traffic sign, small solar powered system etc.
– With latest high efficiency PERC monocrystalline solar cell
– Positive power tolerance
– Tempered glass laminated, high transmission, durable & robust
– Withstanding challenging environmental conditions
– Waterproof, scratch resistant & UV resistant
– Excellent performance under low light environments


Item No.WSL-C024
Peak Power (Pmax)1W
Voltage at Pmax (Vmp)5V
Current at Pmax (Imp)200mA
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)6V
Short Circuit Current (Isc)220mA
Cell TypePERC Monocrystalline Solar Cell
Power Tolerance±5%
Encapsulation method3.2mm Tempered glass
Back sheetTPT
Product Warranty5 Years
Lead time25 Days
Storage temperature-20°C ~ 65°C
Working temperature-40°C ~ 85°C
Standard Test Conditions (STC)1000W/m2, 1.5AM, 25°C Cell temperature

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WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of custom solar panels and solar solution provider in China since 2006. 

Poland’s Solar Photovoltaic Market Explodes, and Traditional Coal Industry is Under Threat

Recently, the unions of PGG, Poland ’s largest coal group, warned that if the government does not provide help, the coal industry will collapse due to falling demand. Poland relies heavily on coal-fired power generation and is the only EU member state that has not committed to zero carbon emissions by 2050. But in the face of increasing pressure from the EU to reduce emissions, Poland began to encourage investment in solar and offshore wind farms. The increase in the share of clean energy in power generation, the decline in power demand after the epidemic is closed to the city, and coal imports have exacerbated problems in the coal industry.

Custom Solar Panel | 6V 3W – WSL Solar

The Polish government previously stated that the installed capacity of solar photovoltaics will reach 10.2GW in 2030 and 20.2GW in 2040. The Polish government also supports industrial and commercial and large-scale power plant projects through the renewable energy auction system. The new government regulations allow owners of solar photovoltaic systems of more than 50 kW to sell excess power. Growth in the industrial and commercial field will be particularly strong. At the same time, the promotion of rooftop solar photovoltaic incentives and corporate net measurement policies has stimulated the potential of the solar photovoltaic market. In 2019, solar power generation in Poland has risen sharply.

On the other hand, due to the increase in the price of carbon dioxide certificates, the impact of the increase in the price of European carbon dioxide emission quotas will seriously affect Poland ’s electricity prices, and coal is the most intensive energy source for carbon dioxide. Great power to promote the development of clean energy in Poland.

According to SolarPower Europe data, in 2019 Poland ranked fifth in the number of new photovoltaic installations among European countries, and it is only 300MW less than the fourth place in France. It is also unknown that it exceeds France. In early 2020, Bloomberg predicted that Poland will be one of the top ten global solar photovoltaic markets this year.

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WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of custom solar panel and solar solution provider in China since 2006.